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Without a doubt, we are located in one of the most paradisiacal islands of the Colombian Caribbean. This thanks to its beautiful beaches, its extension of land and the most beautiful places. Here we tell you a little about its history, outstanding places and activities that tourists and natives do the most.


Tierrabomba Island (formerly known as Carex Island, named after a cacique in the 16th century) established the gateway to Cartagena Bay in colonial times. Its privileged position forced the Spanish empire to fortify it in order to protect the entrance to the bay.


Tierra Bomba is a Colombian island in the western Caribbean Sea that has a surface area of 1984.99 hectares (equivalent to 19.84 km²), is located south of the city of Cartagena de Indias and north of the Barú peninsula, so which administratively belongs to the Colombian department of Bolívar.12 It is a popular tourist destination, despite the fact that a large part of its area belongs to private or private individuals.


Its climate is tropical, typical of this part of the Colombian coast, it has a coastline of approximately 43 kilometers, its main tourist attractions are its Caribbean beaches and historical monuments such as the Castle of San Fernando de Bocachica.


The island is made up of four towns: Tierra Bomba, Punta Arena, Caño del Oro and Bocachica. The locality of Earth Bomb It comprises most of the territory of the island, it is also home to most of the urban area on the island; Sand Point, on the other hand, is one of the tourist destinations par excellence in the area, thanks to its beautiful beaches and the impressive view of Cartagena that can be seen from this point.

For its part, Caño del oro (also known as Caño de Loro) It is an area of historical value for the city. There are still the ruins of the hospital for lepers and a church, built in 1790, after the bombardment ordered by General Rojas Pinilla in 1950.

Finally, the town of Bocachica It houses the Bocachica channel, which together with Bocagrande, are the only accesses to the bay of Cartagena, as well as several sites of historical and cultural interest. There, the Battery of the Angel San Rafael and the San Fernando fort are located, which, together with the San José fort, defended the city from attacks by pirates and enemies, by forcing ships to enter the city. down the channel to then bombard them from both sides.

In addition to its historical and cultural riches, the island of Tierra Bomba also has a vast area that remains virgin, which makes it worthy of an immense natural wealth made up of a great variety of mangroves and native vegetation, as well as local fauna.



Poparazzi en Tierra Bomba - Isla Tierra Bomba, Cartagena.

Rent an inflatable Poparazzi and feel the adrenaline during the ride. Enjoy the wind and spray of water on your face as you glide over the waves. Of course, make sure that the attraction has all the necessary security measures for a fun and safe ride.


Mangroves & Snorkeling Cartagena - Day tour with Lunch & Open Bar

Immerse yourself in the waters of the sea and contemplate the majesty of the marine world. It is an incomparable experience and the island of Tierra Bomba has some places where you can live this adventure. The waters in some parts of the island, combined with the good climate that exists in the region during most of the year, allow you to easily appreciate very colorful fish and corals.

mountain biking

Bicicleta de montaña en la isla Tierra Bomba proporcionado por Cartagena Concierge | Cartagena, Colombia - Tripadvisor

In addition to paradisiacal landscapes, the island of Tierra Bomba offers the possibility of practicing many sports, including mountain biking or biking. This sport can be practiced in the different terrains of the island, which contains simple paths and others that are more challenging for more experienced athletes.


Senderismo - Isla Tierra Bomba

Tierra Bomba is one of the emerging tourist destinations in Cartagena de Indias, which is why it still preserves a large part of the unexplored island. Abundant native vegetation of a vibrant green and a great variety of Caribbean fauna, are some of the attractions that you will find on the routes while hiking.


Paseo en bote banana para grupos pequeños en Noord | Aruba 2022 - Viator

Add fun to your day at the beach by renting a Banana Boat and live the adrenaline while you enjoy the ride around the island. Assemble your group and live a memorable experience aboard an inflatable. The Banana Boats must have all the security mechanisms for you to live the best experience.

jet ski

JET SKI Rental 2022 - Cartagena

Stroll around the island like a rockstar. The jet skis will make you live a memorable moment. With expert supervision, you can rent and drive alone or as a couple. This experience is worth it.


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